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Between the Lines is an annual festival that celebrates literature.


This year Between the Lines will have a festival day in Bunbury on Wednesday, 24 March 2021.


It will take place in three locations; Bunbury Senior High School, Bunbury Library, Bunbury Geographe Seniors and Community Centre.


Students will be divided into 3 groups based on year levels. Each group will have a maximum capacity of 100 students. Information about the groupings will be provided prior to the event. 

Participating Authors

Brenton McKenna

Bren MacDibble

Will Kostakis

Sukhjit Khalsa

Susan Midalia

For more information about the authors and their workshops

What to Bring

Clipboard, paper, pens and pencils

Food and drinks



There will be both a Bookshop (with Eftpos facilities) and the Bunbury Senior High School Canteen will be available. 

Students are encouraged to bring some money with them.



Schools may opt for students to travel direct to Bunbury Senior High School, especially those who catch buses. If so, students can meet on the lawn area outside the administration building where supervision will be supplied.


For further details, contact Alexandra Haight-Ashbury who is coordinating the Bunbury festival:


$25 per student (includes 5 sessions)


To make a booking, contact Beth Herbert





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